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About This Blog July 17, 2010

Welcome, surfers.

This blog is open to all, but it is specially dedicated to primary school students, or more specifically, year 4 students aged around 10.

The activities in this blog are adapted to test on student’s reading skills. However, there is an integration of skills where students are required to listen to a short story, answer comprehension questions and construct simple sentences with guidance.

Main Guideline

The first lesson is based on general knowledge where you can enrich your reading experience. In lesson two, you have to watch and listen carefully to the video on verbs. Last but not least, the third lesson is a summary of the first two lessons in which the verbs in lesson one are listed in a table according to the forms of the verbs.

You may have to revise the lessons while you continue with the exercises.

The exercises are simple yet quite tricky sometimes. Don’t worry about mistakes, because you can do them over and over again. Remember, practice makes fluent (

Then, feel free to play the games in this blog, designed especially for you. All the best!

Read on for a more detailed manual on using the exercises in this blog.

Exercise Guideline


This program is called “Read, Relax and Respond” as an effort to encourage surfers to read and analyze certain grammatical aspects in the English language. In this program, the emphasis is on verbs such as helping verbs (also known as auxiliary verbs), simple present tense and past tense. The interactive activities have been developed using the program called Hot Potatoes. After reading, surfers can click on the exercises link to try out a crossword puzzle, match sentences, say true or false, choose a correct answer from multiple choice questions, complete a text and arrange words to form sentences correctly. All exercises are a click away. Furthermore, learners can find links to other interesting sites under the post “Links”.

Target learners

Developed with the intention to encourage reading among young learners, this program is aimed to make 10-year-old children feel relaxed and motivated to read. Since internet has been popular among children from urban and rural areas in Malaysia, this online program could be one of the sites where children could learn informally besides their social agenda while surfing. It is hoped that more programs like this could be made to assist children’s learning all over the world.


The objectives for “Read, Relax, Respond” are:

1.      To motivate students to read on their own by choosing the suitable materials for their level.

2.      To promote automaticity and understanding in reading English language materials for young second language learners.

3.      To ellicit the verbs as the grammatical aspect in the learning of English as a second language among learners.

How teachers could use “Read, Relax, Respond”

Please click on Teacher’s Guide in blog to view a sample lesson plan.

Special features of “Read, Relax, Respond”

The main text in this program is selected from the best available books in primary school libraries in Malaysia. The lesson is integrated with general knowledge, science and technology as well as current issues and at the same time ellicits on “verbs” as one of the most important aspect in any languages. The lesson on verbs are adapted from the best videos on and also slides from simple yet informative websites on grammar. All the exercises made in this program using the freeware Hot Potatoes could be adjusted from easy, intermediate to difficult by changing the format of guided answers – from a descending word list to spelling independently without any answers given. After a lesson in the classroom/computer lab, learners are able to surf on their own beyond school hours to revise or complete the exercises at their own pace.


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